Small & Medium Business Solutions


As Leaders of small & medium business firms, growing businesses know pressure!   They must prepare to scale for growth, plan for flexibility, maintain access to the best information about the business at all times and “Move Now”. And they must do all this with limited staff and with a maniacal focus on Compliance.


Strato too is a SMB and in the same arena of Compliance: FTB, BOE, IRS, ERISA, PCI, CUF, FARs, State and Local etc.   Leveraging a partnership with the past performance experts at Strato Communications takes all communication sourcing pressure off your plate. Our providers meet or exceed security, HIPAA//ERate/PCI compliance and control your firm’s requirements to meet both internal and external needs.  Meet with us once on your terms (live or phone- you are in controll) to obtain an overview – then we get to work. In short order, Strato provides an easy to read proposal for your review and we’ll provide as little or as much information you request in order for your firm to make a sound decision.

No doubt, SMBs demand faster response from their partners, require value for their OpEx with the highest quality Customer Care and continued Support – the life blood of your organization.   Alignment with professional past performance Telecom/IP business partners is critical to all stake-holders.  Sleep soundly knowing your IP procurement, infrastructure, contracts, pricing exceed your expectations when considering the expertise of Strato Communications.

Telecom Sourcing

We have the knowledge and expertise to navigate our massive network of carrier relationships in order to deliver your business higher quality voice/data/IP/MPLS products, significantly reduce your monthly spend while providing unmatched customer account management.

Cloud Services for SMB

In today’s competitive global market, businesses of all sizes need technology that enables flexibility and cost-effectively adds value to their organization. Cloud-based services provide a way to meet these objectives.

Network Services

Strato is partnered with the best-of-the-best carriers, CLECs, Internet Service Providers, privately owned Managed Service Providers and cloud providers to meet any customers unique demands.

Telecom Expense Management and Auditele Solutions

Telecom has traditionally been one of the largest, most challenging, complex and poorly managed corporate expenses to fully manage at most companies; yet it is estimated telecom can be an organizations 3rd to 4th largest non-core spend. If your telecom spend is $1,000.00 – $500k per month, contact us today!

Data Center Solutions

Not only do we have the ability to work directly with multiple carriers and the hundreds of their CoLos globally, Strato Communications has direct relationships with some of the smaller boutique customer centric highly customizable niche players; many located in the seismically neutral Sacramento, CA region.