Telecom Sourcing

Strato Communications offers a strategic partnership for the long haul.  Our direct industry experience and expertise continually shows that business is far from business as usual:   Stretched in every manner while at the same time having to “move now”  in order to obtain a competitive edge while being in State and Federal compliance:  We get it!

Strato Communications has hundreds of direct clients and MSPs leveraging our strategic well vetted partners:  The brightest and finest niche Telecom, MDM, TEM, Cloud Providers available. Strato facilitates top-tier relationships in a scaling industry to exceed each of our customers unique requirements.

So, how does your business benefit partnering with Strato’s Telecommunications Engagement Management services?

No risk service

Strato Communications is an entire sourcing firm.  While we provide strategic wholesale price points from a multitude of vetted vendors, Strato does not bill our customers for our consulting services related to sourcing telecom and cloud products/services:  Voice, Data, IP/MPLS, CoLo and hosted solutions.  There is no risk to your business engaging Strato Communications as part of your current environment or next telecom project or purchase.    In fact, Strato’s pricing and contract comes from the wholesale side of the carrier not the retail side customers commonly engage. We are a wealth of information and a no-cost resource.  Strato is compensated by commissionable terms and conditions with 40+ providers and vendors and have no commitment to one carrier/vender over another.  (Please see our core values section how we operate).

You maintain a Contract relationship with respective vendor

All contracts and purchases are with the carriers/vendors themselves, however, Strato Communications takes customer service to the next level in professionally managing your account.  Strato’s mantra is simple… “Providing Mission Critical Solutions to the Cloud… Bringing Customer Service down to Earth”.

Our customers benefit from our rich Telecom Carrier experience

Our team members are previous carrier staff Managers and IT consultants.  We have direct experience in sales, technical consulting, design provisioning, and contracting. We’ve supported SMBs, fortune 1000 and ISPs.  Furthermore, hands-on Telecom Expense Management, data/billing analytics and asset recovery experience.  We are highly knowledgeable with internal carrier processes and technically trained professionals holding multiple Telecom certifications and performance awards. As a result of our experience and the wearing of many hats, we know how to best serve and service any customers’ needs then deliver.  Unlike high turnover carrier sales account execs, however, we are not quota driven.  We have learned from the challenges carriers have on the direct side and leverage communication processes to mitigate critical implementation deadlines.

Customers benefit from our accelerated project turn around

Strato Communications’ ability and philosophy is to  “move now”.  We have meticulously put carrier communication mechanisms and industry channel manager relationships in place to communicate and turn around any project design or customer requests, then present the deliverables expeditiously. 

Our customers benefit from our expertise in Telecom and processes

We know the ins-and-outs of the carriers internally yet we are not quota driven. Strato are veteran telecom specialists with the knowledgeable and expertise than any direct sales team(s) can bring to the table.  We have consulted, designed, implemented a multitude of networks.  Strato intimately knows the Individual Case Based (ICB) process, have had roles with the LEC as product subject matter experts (SME), carrier contract negotiation, project management, product method & procedures and a thorough understanding of the complex provisioning process that it takes to get the job done right.  In this regard, we are experienced in managing the customer experience with the carrier and billing specialists on staff that are ready to serve your next expense management project or design any type of telecom undertaking.


We have completed a multitude and a variety of projects – we are experts

Every one of our projects is personal and we are not distracted with other products and services.  Strato Communications’ focus is Telecom, Telecom Expense Management, and cloud services for the SMB and Enterprise market.  Our staff has completed a multitude of projects in our respective careers: From simple PRI/Integrated voice T1s/SIP trunking, MPLS, high availability IP services, multi-site networks including numerous ISP Metro fiber networks, fiber builds, Colocation, network management, ATM infrastructure, Time to Market products and sub-lease contract agreements.


Strato Communications approaches each project as an owner because we view each project as a partnership with its’ client. Strato Communications works closely with the selected provider at all stages of the voice/data/ip implementation process while providing oversight so that progress can be easily monitored and success readily determined. 

Call us or email us today at 888.784.8040 | 916.476.8646 |  We are experts in this arena and absolutely no risk to your business.