Telecom Expense Management Services

When is the last time you did a telecom Audit?


Strato’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and in-house SaaS Auditele Solutions Platform (ASP) covers the management of telecom costs, identifying line item over charges, right sizing telecom service inventory, migration from legacy services, billing restoration, RFPs to drive down client’s monthly Opex, all the way through asset recovery.   If your telecom spend is $5,000.00 – $500k per month, contact us today for an optimization overview.  We will provide as much or as little as your firm requires.   

How’s does Telecom Expense auditing oversight impact your business?

Telecom has traditionally been one of the largest, most challenging, complex and poorly managed corporate expenses to fully manage at most companies; in fact, from a Aberdeen study, 85% of telecom invoices are not audited….”  

Furthermore, it is estimated telecom can be an organization’s 3rd to 4th largest non-core spend.  But, no doubt, telecommunication provisioning and billing is hugely complicated, resulting in tremendous operating cash flow losses.  For example, there are a multitude of hands and departments that touch an order and each line or # can have as many as 20 line items to manually type in with complex codes and product identifiers. The probability of over charges per-line is huge.  Multiply that by how many lines/services your business has at one location or many sites.

Across the board business challenges

In our “move now” and “business is not business as usual” world, however,  SMBs’ I.T. departments and/or purchasing departments simply do not have the people, resources, expertise, know-how, nor a full time staff to audit their telecom services.  Businesses are leaving up to 60% of their spend every month on the table. Plus the previous months you have been over billed; it is literally thousands of dollars.

Fantastic news!   Strato Communications are experts in this arena.  Strato’s telecom Expense Management (TEM) services are a key offering within our Telecommunication Engagement Management suite of services.

How can Strato significantly drive down your Telecom monthly spend?

It’s the stuff we love to do!   Strato provides full billing restoration and asset recovery services. With our Telecom Sourcing services, Strato provides a complementary overview of your bill(s) and guides your firm with recommendations.  Leveraging our respective SaaS Auditele Solution Platforms (ASP) and Telecom Expense Management /Auditele services; Strato lends a deep and thorough dive with incredible visibility into your monthly bills, billing element and services; then we deliver a tremendous Operational expense reduction – Strato takes everything off your plate and costs your firm nothing to engage us.   Past performance has shown a 30-60% Op-ex reduction in our client’s MRC.

  • Contract Audit and Management
  • Invoice Audit and Management
  • Inventory Audit and Management
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Reporting
  • Rate Plan Optimization
  • Proactive billing resolution
  • Asset recovery and restoration
  • Bill structure and validations
  • Account optimization
  • Allocation of Local, LD usage
  • Report Generation
  • Cost allocation for any departments
  • Documentation for future adds/moves/changes

Our team works hand-in-hand with our clients and their solution providers/carriers to ensure the best solution is developed for their organization and aggressively leverage our proven communication metrics to recover months of over spend.   We will provide guidance and suggestions to ensure you make the right tactical and strategic decisions that will improve your operational goals, while maintaining an efficient and cost effective voice and data network.

Call or email us today at 888.784.8040 | 916.476.8646 | for a no obligation discussion to see how you can start controlling your telecom expenses, bring down costs, optimize your voice/data network and how we approach asset recovery.