Data Center Offerings

Hosting data and applications in secure data centers has become common and a very popular delivery model for most businesses.  Back office apps like CRM, ERP, invoicing, HR management, accounting, collaboration and service desk management are, no doubt, moving to the cloud exponentially.  The ability to handle spikes in user demand, comply with strict regulations, assure availability for mission-critical apps, and accelerate traffic and transactions are driving companies like yours toward data center deployments.

How Strato sources the best fit for your business

Strato Communications is partnered with the brightest and finest niche Colocation and Data Centers.  Not only do we have the ability to work directly with multiple carriers and the hundreds of their data centers globally, Strato Communications has direct relationships with some of the smaller customer centric highly customizable niche players.  Many located in the seismically neutral Sacramento, CA region.

If your current infrastructure is not providing your company with the necessary bandwidth to the Internet or if your short on the capital necessary to build your own facilities to support & maintain your network and cloud initiatives, please call us today. Not only would your company benefit from our partnerships, we significantly minimized loop costs and provide wholesale pricing from any state-of-the-art data center. 

You can enjoy high bandwidth access

Without having to install expensive TDM/DS3s or fiber connections to your premises. Moreover, you get the security and redundancy necessary for mission-critical cloud applications with access to the highest industry SLAs.

Call or email us today at 888.784.8040 | 916.476.8646 | for a no obligation discussion and explore some of the boutique seismically neutral Sacramento, CA based facilities or global locations.  Just one call to Strato; we Move Now.