Strato’s Mobile Device Management Partners

Strato Communications is pleased to be aligned with the highest quality wireless cost containment carrier-neutral solution teams and high quality professionals that have the ability to support any business with 50 or more wireless devices.

Advantages of Strato’s Wireless Optimization and Mobility Management services:

  • Projected customer savings 25-35% with a risk-free, no-obligation wireless analysis
  • Reinvestment of customer savings into emerging telecom services
  • Reduced or eliminated time spent in administration of wireless accounts
  • Increase in mobility device counts
  • Customized reporting and consulting, configurable to meet your customers’ specific requirements
  • Ongoing management to maintain optimal service, support and savings
  • Identification and elimination of billing errors and wasteful spending

Strato’s MDM Solutions
With Strato’s past performance with the most stringent clients, our hand selected MDM businesses are dedicated to offering comprehensive, managed solutions in a unique industry.  As you will discover, our direct partners provide solutions, not software; solutions that are designed to eliminate the time your business spends on wireless telecommunications management.  Our experience has shown that success in telecommunications management is determined as much by resources and expertise as tools. If you are evaluating a solution that emphasizes tools over resources, consider Strato Communications and see what sets us apart.

Our Tech MDM partners offer services to fully manage the entire mobility telecommunications lifecycle. We focus on reducing the time and expenses associated with these programs so your business can apply critical resources towards other key business objectives.

With vetted out MDM Solution Providers, our partners have the distinct ability to manage your telecommunications wireless management.  With past performance, our clients realize lower internal administrative costs, expedited support and trouble ticket resolution for users, decreased spend, and greater accountability and visibility across their organizations.


  • Wireless Optimization
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Customized Reporting
  • Help Desk
  • RFP Management
  • Data Strategy
  • Carrier Contract Negotiation
  • Assets & Inventory Management
 “Enterprise WAN has become hyper-competitive.  With mobility cost containment platforms, MDM has re-opened the door to opportunity to many large accounts. And to top it off, Our MDM solution provider is over 50% cheaper than their peers while offering the same, if not better, quality service. You’d be crazy not to make Advantix a key component of your solution portfolio.”

Patricia Van De Bovenkamp

United Technology

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