Strato Communications

Strato’s Mission

Our mission is to guide our clients to the highest quality telecommunications products and cloud services at the most competitive wholesale points available while providing an extraordinary level of customer service in order for our customers to achieve competitive advantages.

Strato’s Vision

Leverage our tremendous industry expertise, channel relationships and Carrier Master Agency Agreements to un-complicate the sourcing process of Telecommunications, Telecom asset recovery/TEM, cloud, MDM & Mobile Life Cycle Management services.

We are engaged at all levels with the highest level of professional integrity to making it easy to do business with, mitigate risk at every level with tremendous Return on Investment.

We pledge to “move now” on every project we take on.

We strive to bring our customers the highest quality products and services at the most competitive possible points available combined with a high level of customer service & on going support.

Strato commits to managing and simplifying all facets of the telecommunications engagement process, provide superior project management oversight and partner with the best and brightest to serve our customers.

We pledge to do the right thing every time with the projects we take on to positively impact our clients’ bottom line and communications requirements.

We are committed to being a professional single point of contact and affording the best total cost ownership.

Strato’s Core Values

Strato Communications’ foundation is built upon our dedication, honor, serving others and faithful stewardship – Giving God all the Glory in our Successes.   The people at Strato Communications are professionals and enjoy what we do!  As we grow, we develop our culture, our brand and strategically grow our business through the core values which we live and serve our customers by:

Our People

Leadership – Through example as team followers, team leaders and serve those we lead.
Integrity – Our personal and professional cornerstone.
Excellence – We strive personally and stewards to our professional growth.
Honor – Strato is committed to serving our employees, their families, and our Customers through a Servant’s Heart, trust and respect.
Humility – We learn from our mistakes and humble in our successes.

Our Customers and Channel Partners

Doing the right thingIntegrity before profitability. We are dedicated to our Customer’s and Channel Partner’s successes and will offer value in the proper solution(s) we bring to the table. We will not compromise doing what is right to make a profit.
Commitment to teamwork and open communication to serve our customers.
Serving  everything we do is focused on our customer’s experience.
Build open and honest relationships – We tremendously value strong relationships with our team members, our customers, carriers, business partners, and channel partners.
Total ownership and stewardship of your project from start, completion and continued support.