Strato Communications’ Partner Program


Businesses are far from “business as usual” and are stretched in every manner while at the same time having to “move now”  in order to remain competitive.

As a hardware vendor, system integrator, IT professional etc., your customers make increasing demands for better, higher quality and more comprehensive services at competitive rate structures; while demanding first rate customer support.

Strato’s Wholesale Partner Program

We are pleased to offer Strato’s Wholesale Partner Program to Managed Service Providers (MSP), ASCII members, organizations, and individuals requiring unwavering professional partners and strategic guides.

Strato has comprised a 4-point One Page “MSP/VAR Road Blocks” PDF – Including: “What’s in it for you” partnering with the professional experts at Strato Communications.   Feel free to send a request via form on left, or via email at / call 888.784.8040.

For your consideration, let Strato expand your company’s value proposition by becoming a valued Strato Communications’ partner.   Often times, Strato finds huge savings in our solutions to free up a client’s budget for other projects, such as yours, and can further assist with improved network design to maximized efficiencies.  Strato offers multi-vendor solutions to assist system integrators, phone hardware providers, IT related professionals and others to serve their customers anywhere; even the most remote locations.

Your customers prefer one-point of contact for multi-carrier options and services.  By partnering with Strato Communications you will be in a position to meet increasing demands of your customers without having to manage multi carrier RFP/RFQs and offerings.  Furthermore, while you focus on your core, Strato takes on the timely back-end ongoing challenges associated with telecom sourcing, circuit provisioning and the time necessary to manage and coordinate the implementation process.

Strato’s Wholesale Partner Platform provides a trusted foundation for developing proper uniform solutions for your customers.  Our expertise enables you to provide domestic and international voice/data/IP services from a single source while you focus on your core services.

Advantages of partnering with Strato

Strato Communications brings assurance of using the most trusted carries and vendors available with tremendous support to you, your team and your customers.  Strato brings proven long-term professional relationships with the accessibility to a single point-of-contact for any project.   We have put centralized methodologies and customer care communications in place in order to meet any of your project’s stringent requirements; then seamlessly deliver.

Your firm has direct access to expeditious wholesale pricing/design and turn-around to any tier network and ability to reach cities across the globe or difficult to reach remote locations.   For your multi-region accounts, Strato manages numerous interconnections without the expense of entering new markets.

Strato is a single-point of contact to source telecom services while delivering provisioning oversight and management of local loops, IP transit, private line, MPLS services and more.

Why choose Strato Communications?

Our strength resides in our experience and telecom expertise, however, we realize your company’s reputation may exist in our hands and we have one chance to earn yours and your customers’ business.   We understand it took you years to acquire and maintain your clients and Strato pledges the same level of support and professionalism your team provides them today.   Strato is unwavering in our core values with our partners,  vendors and customers alike.

A partnership with Strato provides your firm the ability of adding our vast network of professionals, services and management to compliment your existing portfolio of services.  Partnering with Strato also puts another advocate of your business in contact with your client and allows your organization an additional income stream.

Interested in learning about our registered Wholesale Partner arrangement?

We communicate any way you prefer:  Please contact us today by filling our contact form, email us at or call 888.784.8040.  We would like to learn about you and/or your firm and how we can best serve you and your customers.

What to Expect
After a conversation with Strato we will provide a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, Confidentiality form and a VAR Wholesale Partner Agreement.

We customize our partner agreement with you
We want you to be comfortable, happy and excited about your partnership with Strato.  We will evaluate a custom-fit partner agreement and ensure we establish a mutually win-win-win partnership from day one.

Once executed, we will provide you with a complete set of data on products, solutions and our vendors as required.   As projects arise, Strato Communications works around you and your schedule; we will provide as much or as little assistance as you see fit to close any or your projects.  We are readily available to provide full sales and/or engineering support.  We will act in any capacity to meet your needs and continued success.   When a RFQ or a project is submitted; we go to work… we move now!   Strato handles all back office support, provisioning and commission payouts and monthly reporting.


Strato Communications offers a rock solid background of transport expertise and a huge portfolio of products/services focused on IP, Data and DR solutions and any transport method to meet any need.  Like you, Strato is professional and can customize any project and enable your organization to locate the proper network solutions for any of your customers’ needs; and we do it fast.   By partnering with Strato, you benefit from decades of experience and data/IP/voice communications expertise with a suite of multi-vendor options.  Strato enables you to focus on what you do best while complementing your services; bringing a full turn-key solution.