Why Strato Communications

A world you can’t predict demands a telecommunications guide you can trust
Strato Communications – Providing mission critical solutions to the Cloud…

Strato and Team understands your time is limited.

Whether we recommend a single carrier solution or multiple carriers/vendors for a several state deployment, you will have a single point of contact who knows your account and have created a win-win business environment toward a long term partnership. Once we meet with your team you are instantly connected with 40+ vendors without having to deal with all the hassle and leg work. In fact, Strato’s pricing and contract comes from the wholesale side of the carrier not the retail side customers commonly engage. We are a wealth of information and a no-cost resource.

Pending your location, we will typically send out an RFP to five vendors, have multiple discussions and appointments with at least three servicers best suited for your individual business, consolidate a summary of offerings and discuss pros and cons of each.

On the other hand, when a business takes this on themselves, the number of appointments they schedule could easily surpass three for each vendor before an educated decision is made on a company’s telecom communications; then they have to assign an in-house stakeholder to oversee and hold accountable the vendor install etc. Most likely, your first few bills will be looked at for accuracy.

However, no doubt a telecom bill is cumbersome and with a horrible amount of line items that are not easily identifiable what you are paying. The man hours to manage this process and implementation is daunting and takes away critical staff’s time from a customer’s core business.

When you leverage Strato Communications you can spend a single appointment determining the best course of action for your company and another meeting to evaluate the best options available in your market. We “move now”, generate carrier contracts, oversee the provisioning, project manage and hold accountable the vendor to time lines. After install, will study your billing for accuracy and contact vendor for any corrections and reimbursement on your behalf.


Strato Communications A new Breed of Telecom and Auditele Solutions We understand your business productivity and reputation with your clients and stake holders often rests in our hands. We manage our organization so that we can provide consistent rapid response to your needs and deliver.

Strato Communications offers access to one point of contact to your entire telecom sourcing lifecycle. We have the knowledge, skill and expertise to navigate multiple carriers and vendor offerings. We speak the language of the LEC , the dialect of multiple CLECs, Cloud and MDM solution providers and provide the know-how to offer your firm professional services with less risk.