Where We add Value

With tremendous past performance, Strato’s primary foundational value is providing a single point of contact for our client’s IP, Fiber, Cable, MDM, VoIP and cloud needs regardless of location, application or challenge.

Value we provide to your business

When you decide to partner with Strato Communications our approach is every business is unique; as is their telecom data/IP requirements. While you are in control and with your approval, we evaluate your current telecom environment to understand your network needs, requirements or where you want to be… then aggressively go to work.

We take on the tremendous man hours and carrier/VoIP/Cloud proposal sourcing off your plate: RFP/RFQ, network questioning and sift through the myriad of carrier offerings, proposals, promotions, glossy sales and marketing materials and in many cases, offerings the direct channels are unaware of.

Because of our established partnerships with some of the brightest professionals and industry-leading vendors, Strato has created an ecosystem of internal support and best practices to back any customer’s telecom and cloud needs. We have direct working knowledge about their products and services and we are highly attentive to serve your business.

Our value is in the process

Strato Communications is responsive and quick. We are proficient with carriers’ network performance, SLAs, contract language and are experts in contract language negotiation: We cut through volumes of sales clutter and evaluate the real from “collateral bombardment”.  Strato maintains in full view of the entire process through service turn up. We further evaluate the first billing cycle to ensure charges conform to contract pricing structure.

Our value after the Contract

Arguably, the real lifting takes place after the contract between customer and carrier is signed. Once provisioning initiates, Strato goes into the role of being your worry free direct support staff and works along with your IT department and carrier focusing on due-date commitments and toward a seamless install. But even before that, we scrub through the contract services order forms to ensure the proper provisioning order is correct the first time; otherwise, incorrect information is problematic. If you do not have an IT vendor, we have multiple previously vetted out IT/MSP partners across the U.S.

Strato Communications is well versed in internal departments’ methodologies to light up any respective service in any location. Where there are multiple departments and hands which physically type in orders, to mitigate challenges in the carriers provisioning centers, we utilize an in house tracking method for each step of the process: design, implementation and due dates.

Strato is maniacal at inspecting what our customers expect!